Tofino, BC Canada: Beach Paradise In Canada?

British Columbia, on the west coast of Canada is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing tourism hotspots in North America. The reason, like so many other tourism Meccas, is landscape. In BC you will find high desert, mountains, long sandy beaches, lush rainforest, vast glaciers and everything in-between. You’ve likely heard of BC, but there’s a good chance that you haven’t heard about the province’s fastest growing tourism destination: Tofino ( Located on the west coast of “Canada’s Big Island”, Tofino is home to long sandy beaches, world-class hotels, restaurants, and some pretty good surfing too. Tofino gained fame in the early 90’s when logging in the region’s old-growth forests turned many of the locals into action-taking environmentalists. The logging continued and the locals grew more and more upset, and before anyone knew what happened, the Clayoquot Sound Blockade was the largest non-violent act of civil disobedience in Canadian history. All of this media attention brought visitors to Tofino – lots of visitors. Today more than 1 million tourists pass through Tofino in a year. All of these people are crammed into a town with a year-round population of about 1700. These people are all coming to Tofino to experience the region’s breathtaking scenery and the long, sandy beaches. Tofino’s visitors are usually the type of traveler that takes advantage of the amazing natural resources that abound in the Clayoquot Sound region. Sea kayaking is very popular, as is surfing, walking the long sandy beaches, and fishing for the huge salmon that abound in the near-shore waters. Of all the places in BC to become a tourism Mecca, Tofino has to be one of the most unlikely. Situated at the end of a remote peninsula, it’s almost comical that so many folks flock here on a yearly basis. But once you’ve arrived in Tofino and experienced the landscape, oceanscape and the relaxed coastal way of life, you’ll probably be planning your next trip back before you leave.

GIC Canada – Finding the Best Investment Option in Canada

At the moment, Rate of Interest for savings accounts grants very low income to people. Although, one can find many on-line banking companies which have the choice of the High Interest Savings Account. Whereas, these accounts provide better dividends than traditional savings accounts, these are often assured with the CDIC or Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation which is very much like the FDIC in the America and is maintained by Canadian government. This establishment guarantees that in case the bank goes bankrupt the establishment would pay up people retaining savings or checking accounts up to $100,000 CND making your investment nearly one hundred percent harmless. A further solution for investment that’s completely risk-free is the Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC), offers a fixed return over the stipulated period of time. That is a decent choice for investors which maintain low risk forbearance. Offered by many Canadian banks, these are comparable to American Certificates of Deposits. Despite the fact that the low risk is actually irresistible to many investors, it is matching to smaller yields as compared with high risk ventures such as company securities, stocks, and mutual funds. The GIC could keep on making interest from about 1 day to 10 years, and the exact yield is influenced by at what time the duration of the GIC ends. Several GICs necessitate that your money is locked into the certificate for a particular interval; implying you are not able to get cash unless the certificate matures. In case you do remove nonetheless it’ll bring in huge penal fees which may minimize the earnings or even worse you may forfeit your cash. Several other GICs permit you to remove cash before the certificate comes to maturity at stated amounts of time. This convenience will probably cost investors which select it by offering them a lower rate for the same GIC. On the other hand, a number of GICs permit you to put in money at specified periods of time previous to its tenure finishes, hence increasing the valuation of the certificate. Adjustable rate GICs provide investors the opportunity to leverage on the ever-changing rates of the indices to which they’re associated. Although variable rate GICs will generate a superior income potential compared to fixed rate GICs, the linked risk is huge also. Earlier than considering GICs or another investment plan you should contact a trusted Financial Consultant. Yields should be considered against risk and investment program timetables must simply get to investment goals define by you. Finally, the Canadian banking system is extremely good, enabling a rather sound platform within which investors might prepare their investment product. Online savings accounts can deliver higher interest rates as opposed to those offered in ordinary local banks, providing a fabulous solution for investors having minimal risk criteria. Moreover, GICs deliver good profits when compared with savings accounts. Fixed rate GICs make a harmless investment for minimal risk limit individuals and variable rate certificates that are connected with a basic index may promote far better benefits. Earlier than making any concrete choice, contact a financial specialist for getting a knowledgeable another advice straight away!

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Canada daily deals offer you attractive discounts and thus enable you to buy your favorite items at much lower price in the market. These deals are easily available for you. All you need to do is to have an account through which you can log in and buy the latest offer online. If you are registered with a daily deal website, you will receive information or updates regarding daily offers in your email account. You can make your friends, relatives and other loved ones aware of the latest offerings. As you stay abreast of all the updates on daily coupon deals, you can buy the products and services at a reduced price.

Through Canada daily deals, you can get hold of a variety of products on the market including apparel, shoes, mobile phones, electronics, latest gadgets, food, restaurant coupons and much more. These deals are beneficial to both retailers and customers. They simply do not have any specific target audience, because they are meant to increase the online shopping across the world. They have replaced traditional shopping and more and more people are now searching daily coupon deals via internet. In fact, buying online is convenient as well as cost-effective. It allows you to shop your favorite products and services at affordable rages, that too right from the comfort of your home or office.

With every passing day, the popularity of Canada daily deals is increasing across the world. Being popular not just in the United States, daily deals have attracted substantial attention of shoppers in many European, Asian and Middle East countries. We find that everyday some new customers are signing in so that they can grab the best deal of the day and save their hard-earned money. These sorts of offers or deals have become quite common in Canadian community who love shopping through daily deal website. If you buy an item online and make the desired payment for it, you will receive a voucher in your mail through which you can avail the product or service without any hassles.

Everyday there are hundreds of Canada daily deals, but all of them may not be for you. You can easily fill in details to shop a product, when a deal of your choice hits the market. Once you become a member of a daily deal website, you need to check out offers at regular basis, so that you may keep yourself updated with the new deals hitting the stores. Compare various deals and check their prices to get hold of the best offer for you. Consider how much discount you are going to receive, because there are some offers, which will enable you to avail even the discount up to 90% for restaurants, entertainment, spa and others. To learn more in this regard, visit some daily deal sites.

Keeping Prices Down For People In Canada wanting to buy a Dreamer Design Stroller

One of our biggest challenges our business faces is importing products from the USA into Canada in an economical fashion so that we can keep the price low for our customers. Our best selling products are strollers by Dreamer Design.

Here are the strategies that we have developed that allow us to keep our prices low for our customers in Canada.
1. We buy in large quantities. The cost of shipping the product is greatly reduced when we buy in large quantities.
2. We have a warehouse in Niagara Falls New York. This allows us to have the product shipped from Dreamer Design to our warehouse saving us money – instead of having it shipped across the Canadian border.
3. We bring the strollers across the border ourselves. The product is shipped to our warehouse in Niagara Falls New York. We personally take a truck to our warehouse in the US and pick up the product. This greatly reduces the cost of getting the strollers across the border.
4. We clear customs ourselves. When we first starting importing product across the border we had FedEx ship it for us and clear customs on our behalf. This added an additional $60 to the cost of the stroller. We now do it all ourselves. We create the custom documents, bring the product across the border and pay all the taxes and duty as we come across the border.
5. We have storage space in Canada that we use to store the strollers until they are sold. We are very fortunate in that our pricing is so reasonable that our strollers are sold very quickly so we don’t need a whole lot of storage in Canada.

The Scope of Fashion Trends

Fashion is a person’s way of expressing style and personality. Every individual has his or her own way of wearing their clothes and accessories. Many people are closely following today’s trends when it comes to fashion, specifically the latest looks of popular celebrities and elite icons of society.

Some of the places where fashion is of great substance would be Paris or Italy. Since most of the world’s leading fashion designers hold runway shows there, people in these areas may be more fashion-forward than people living in other parts of the world. However, through the Web and the Internet, high-fashion trends from these areas are now becoming accessible to other parts of the globe.

Current trends in fashion are now being followed from around the world, especially trends that feature the wardrobe and accessories used by popular celebrities. Many people now focus on buying the fashionable items they see on television or on the Web to achieve a more updated sense of style. However, some fashion trends may not be suitable for all areas of the world.

In addition, fashion trends started by celebrities and on fashion shows may not be appropriate for an individual’s lifestyle or way of living. For instance, Calgary fashion is not likely to be in tune with popular fashion Japan, mainly because of differences in the areas’ culture and environment. On the other hand, many fashion trends seen in the US are likely to be followed in most European countries, as well as Canada.

When it comes to the latest trends, Calgary fashion designers are not far behind their peers. These designers have their own unique style that helps Calgary residents to be fashionable according to their way of living. Calgary designers’ sense of style may not be the same with designers from other countries, but they integrate their unique style in fashion trends they see.

Fashion trends are followed in most countries, but some people choose to modify these trends according to their own style and environment. Calgary fashion can definitely keep up with the rest of the world when it comes to following the latest trends.

Shopping for bedding Sets Canada

The bedding stores are getting very much popular day by day. The choice of the bedding sets is also increasing. So, when you need in need of some bedding sets in Canada, you will find yourself in a big trouble as they are hundreds of options available for you. You will be totally amazed to see countless bedding sets in different shapes and sizes. Whether you are looking for your own room or for your kid’s room, the huge collection of designs is going to add some confusion and irritation. So, it is necessary for you to set criteria before you actually go and start shopping.

What type you need:

The first major thing you need to decide is the type you need. There are different types of bedding sets. Your choice depends on two major things. The first is the size of the room and second is the level of comfort you want. All the other things are secondary factors. Good news for the homeowners these days is that the bedding sets are available in all the possible sizes. So, you really need not to worry about the size factor. But, you should worry a bit about the comfort level as it is something very necessary. After all, you are going to sleep on it and your comfort is necessary for a peaceful sleep. There are different sets with different level of comfort. If you are looking for extreme comfort, the comforter sets are there for you.


The second thing you need to look for is quality. You are going to pay for the set you way. Of course you would not like paying for something that is of low quality or doesn’t meet your standards. You have the complete right to check the quality of material you are buying. After quality, you need to check print, design and color of the set. Here you need to ensure that the design and style of the set is compatible with the theme and design of your bedroom.

Know what’s latest:

You must also buy something that is according to the latest trends and is in fashion. The trends changes with time. For example, there was a time when plain sets were very much famous. Similarly, the sets with horizontal and vertical lines become famous in early 2000’s as well. So, you need to keep pace with the modern world. Know what is in fashion and what is in demand these days and buy accordingly.

Online shopping:

Today, there are endless choices for you. Online shopping is one of the things that has added a lot of ease and comfort to your daily life. You can buy sets from online stores in Canada. Make sure that the store is reputed one and is not in habit of fooling the people. The store should also offer some warranty on their products. You can ask the professionals on the online stores in case of any questions or queries related to the bedding sets.

Being a Photographer in Vancouver

Undoubtedly Vancouver holds some of the most talented and hard working photographers in western Canada. Many of the top photographers from local Canadian cities move to Vancouver to pursue their photo careers and compete in the commercial photography market. The fashion scene here is growing and there are many ways to become inspired and grow as a photographer. The excellent and diverse mix of ethnicities ensures a vibrant and ever evolving culture that Canadians can call their own.

Working as a Commercial photographer in Vancouver over the years I have had the pleasure to meet and talk shop with some of the best photographers in Vancouver. I find it refreshing and informative to share experiences and techniques with other like minded photographers. In my experience, the most successful photographers seem to be the ones with the most positive attitude and exuberance for the art. These professionals are willing to share any info or techniques simply because they love photography so much. I find my self thinking the same way. I have no secrets when it comes to my technique because I if I share it with another photographer, hopefully they can take something from it and apply it to their own style. No two photographers’ style is exactly the same so I believe sharing techniques will enable a professional to gather more tools to express their own style in the best way.

Vancouver’s temperate climate and lush landscape lends itself to year round shooting. This is a big plus for Vancouver photographers because the tedium of non stop studio shooting over winter can sometimes wear down on ones’ creative juices. It’s very nice to grab a model, make up artist and hair stylist and do a cool photo shoot in the forrest or on a mountain top in mid winter. North Vancouver and Burnaby and Surrey also have many outdoor shooting options. Check with the local BC tourism board to find some inspirational outdoor photography options

Shooting commercially outdoors in Vancouver can be slightly problematic if one does not have a proper permit for that location and time. Because Vancouver is such a film intensive city (Hollywood north), many business owners or public park officials expect one to have a permit if they suspect any money is being made though film or photos on or near their property, public or private. It really does depend though on who discovers you, some don’t mind at all and other expects a payout or proper notification and documentation. That being said I fully support the Vancouver film industry and all it does for the local economy and arts so if excessive and many times seemingly unnecessary photo permits are needed, I still say it’s worth it 🙂

Some photographers work professionally part time as photographer and part time doing a “regular job”. I personally don’t prescribe to this method because I feel that if you want to excel and become a master at anything one must commit themselves fully to their profession. This is not said to insult my good photographer friends who shoot part time. They have very valid reasons for their choices, the most important of which is the stability and regular paychecks of a day job. The first year or so of a full time professional photography career can be filled with and uncomfortable sense of uncertainty and borderline poverty. My suggestion is to stick with it and eventually you will build a good client base. Vancouver has many willing clients it just takes time to gather a solid base on which to build your professional photography edifice.

Because of the diverse ethnicities I mentioned earlier, Vancouver holds some of the most beautiful people in the world. There are many excellent model agencies to choose from with a wide range of models. The top Modeling agencies in Vancouver hold some of the best Talent in North America.

The Vancouver fashion scene is ever growing and attaining more worldwide recognition. The talented designers local all over British Columbia usually break out to sell in larger markets as their names become better known. Hopefully soon more local residents will be seeking out Vancouver fashion designers to add to their wardrobes.

Tom Hawkins is one of Vancouver’s top photographers, specializing in commercial and advertising photo shoots as well as Fashion, Portrait, headshot, modeling portfolios and corporate photography.